“ARC” Pinot Grigio 2K21



Less than 0.1%  Sugar!!

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ARC Pinot Grigio 2K21 was sourced from a secret vineyard. Made from special grapes & originally from Burgundy, Pinot Gris (Grey) migrated to Italy in the 12th century. With it’s new identity, it changed it’s name and primary features (nose & taste) and became known as Pinot Grigio. Crushed using traditional techniques of name calling and social alienation, the wine was filtered through unicorn feathers before being forced reluctantly into bottles.

As a wine, it’s drier and less dramatic than Sauvignon Blanc. It has precise acidity with good drive & cut. The aroma & flavours resemble fresh cut green apples and poached pears.

With only 0.1% residual sugar, it’s ideal for those looking after themselves.

Best served with sand between your toes ideally at the beach, but equally enjoyable with Uggboots, Snuggy and a fire.

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  • Pinot Grigio