About GISA Wines

As a child I spent my early years living on a vineyard in South Australia, growing shiraz grapes for what is now Constellation Wines, the biggest wine company in the world.

I remember those years, running through the vineyard, the family’s pet black Labrador dog who ate the low hanging fruit when ripe, the old Fordson tractor, and the back breaking work that was hand picking. I still have keepsakes from that simpler life. The wooden “dip stick” for measuring how much fuel was in the old tractor, a picking “dip tin”, and an “Areometre” for measuring the ripeness of the fruit (Baume), which was only marginally more accurate than the sweet tooth of the dog.

To complete my education I moved with my family to the “big smoke”, Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, a city of just one million people. I spent my formative years working in various licensed establishments whilst pursuing tertiary qualifications, eventually finding myself wholesaling wine to the retail and restaurant trade.

This experience led to my role as sales and marketing manager of a 3,000 tonne winery in need of some attention where I worked hand in glove with a small but experienced winemaking team gaining the insight and experience necessary to launch my own label.

Our Philosophy

South Australia represents only 9% of the Australian population but is home to 50% of the Australian wine industry.

GISA Wines takes its name from the patriotic nature of the owner, making wine from fruit that comes exclusively from South Australia.

GISA is located in the Old Penfold’s Winery, at the top of The Parade, at 578 The Parade Auldana. Adjacent to the Magil Estate vineyard, nestled at the base of the foothills, GISA is an acronym for Geographic Indicator South Australia. The ‘GI’ is the region from which fruit is sourced, and is a legal requirement when making statements as to the origin of the wine on the label.

GISA is a small family owned and run winery, which means we are often forced to wear many hats. We have wine scattered throughout South Australia from Langhorne Creek, through Woodside and the Piccadilly Valley and with the bulk of the barrel maturation at GISA cellars at Auldana. We do this for several reasons; firstly, different wineries are better suited to match our desired end result for each individual wine. Secondly, as our volumes vary it means we don’t have unnecessary, underused equipment. This means we can produce wine more cost effectively, which means better quality wines at the price.

We aspire to make interesting, premium wines which reflect the regional character and grape variety. GISA wines are made in very limited quantities.

I trust you enjoy our wines and appreciate the support.


Mat Henbest

If you are interested in knowing more email me at info@gisa.com.au





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